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Signing a Contract

HR Best Practices

Your Challenge

How aware are you and your management team of relevant employment legislation that applies to your employees and your business?

With regular changes to employment law, knowing what to include in an employment contract and what type of contract to use is challenging. Do your contracts meet the National Employment Standards?

Do you hire casual employees? are you aware they are not actually permanent part-timers? 

Are you 100% confident your organisation is compliant with the Fair Work Act, NES, any applicable Award or Agreement. 


How well do you understand your obligations to meet the minimum wage and related entitlement requirements?

What happens if you are not compliant?

Penalties for breaches of the Fair Work Act are $12,600 for an individual and $63,000 for a corporation.

If your employees aren't paid in accordance with the relevant Award, you could be liable to back-pay wages and entitlements.

Without employment contracts in place, your business could be exposed in areas such as confidentiality, intellectual property protection and restraint of trade.

If you are unaware of what constitutes someone being an independent contractor, you may be at risk of ‘sham contracting’, which can attract significant penalties.

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