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Organisational Capability

Your Challenge

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, if you neglect employee's development and workplace experiences you are faced with a multitude of costly challenges such as high attrition, an unskilled workforce who are unable to perform at their best and teams who can't communicate effectively. NBHR Consulting play a crucial role in supporting our client's employees succeed by providing specialised organisation performance evaluation (Human Synergistics), learning and development solutions to overcome employee challenges our clients face.


Do you know what drives and motivates your employees? How can you increase retention and decrease attrition? Are you aware of how your employee's perceive your workplace set up? How can you leverage what you’re doing well and understand what areas you may wish to focus on to increase employee engagement?

What happens if you neglect your Learning and capability needs?

A negative workplace culture can result in a toxic workplace, claims of bullying and harassment, high attrition and poor performance.

People leave because of bad management, lack of learning and development and career opportunities. Top performers will run a mile, workforce engagement and team performance dissipates.

Lack of employee engagement and workforce capability, is a massive roadblock for attracting new employees to join your business putting additional pressure on your current stressed and burnt out workforce.

Our Solutions

Modern Office

Culture and Employee Engagement

  • Onboarding and integration success

  • Performance review

  • Outcome profiles & KPI development

  • Effectiveness tools and training

  • Communication frameworks

  • Reward & recognition

  • Salary reviews & payment advice

  • Staying & exit interviews


Organisational Development

  • Vision, mission, values

  • Functional structure design

  • Organisational design

  • Culture design

  • Executive role design

  • Capability frameworks

  • Leadership and Group Coaching

  • Workplace Mentoring

  • Digital learning program creation

  • HSI LSI 1/2 and GSI for organisational effectiveness


Talent Management

  • Talent Acquisition solutions

  • Talent Brand creation

  • Sourcing strategy and advertising

  • Recruitment in the box

  • Talent Management Framework Strategies

  • Talent Management deployment

  • AI solutions to support Talent Identification and programs

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